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A few Aprils ago, we spent a weekend in Lake Como before heading to Milan for Salone del Mobile. We took a ferry from our home base of Varenna to Bellagio and stumbled upon a small ceramics studio that curiosity wouldn’t let us pass by, despite its unassuming facade and small entrance up a few stairs away from the main road. Inside, we ogled the myriad of drinkware and serveware lining every inch of the studio in wonderful matted shades of dusty charcoals, muted aquas, and rosy pinks with evidence of clay that had dripped before firing and not dared to be perfected in the final stages of completion.

But the real treat was Magda Guaitamacchi, the sweet Italian artist sitting in one corner of the hot, compact room, throwing her pottery on a wheel with an adorable little dog at her feet and a portable fan blowing in their direction to keep them cool. We chatted with her at length and both bought mugs to bring back home with us, and every time we take a sip out of them, we’re instantly transported back to that day in Bellagio. Idyllic visions of steep, narrow cobblestone roads, weathered buildings and that glorious lake come rushing back to us and we can feel Magda’s presence and picture her shaping these colorful mugs with her own two hands using what used to be only gray clay.

It’s our belief that everything in your home should tell a similarly inspired story. From the chair in your living room to the bracelet dangling from your wrist to the skincare you use to wash your face and the olive oil you drizzle over your meal. We’ve been touched by each artisan in our virtual shop and magazine—every conversation, every studio visit, every piece we’ve invested in for ourselves has left an impression on us that still lingers, and we’re bursting at the seams with excitement that we get to share them all with you.

But even more so than sharing these inspired creatives and their stories, the thought of homes and lifestyles leaning in to an artisan-minded sensibility gives us instant goosebumps. We hope that you’ll enjoy exploring the site and discovering each one of our makers. Thank you for joining us on this journey. We can’t wait to hear what you’re in the pursuit of.

XO, Cara + Jesse

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