Mary Jane Is Hot // Edibles, Serums And Masks With A Kick

Mary Jane Is Hot // Edibles, Serums And Masks With A Kick

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:Inhales: Remember that girl Mary-Jane from high school? Well, she may not have excelled in the classroom back then, given that she rarely showed up to class at all, but now she’s graduated cum laude from medical school and has been running in nearly every social circle you know. Your boss hangs out with her after work. Your mom calls her before bed. And lately, you’ve been curious about her too. Since the shift of legalization, we’re staying on the right side of history, because the grass is greener on this side anyway. The once-suppressed MJ has emerged as a progressive and more carefully curated mainstream gateway for a more controlled (but still really chilled out) approach that doesn’t always involve melting into a couch with honey mustard on your fingers while googling “U.S. presidents food allergies” at 1 am. MJ grew up and glowed up—and it hasn’t been just potluck. Aside from smoking it like they do in the old country, marijuana has extended itself as anointments, pastilles, oils and edibles. :Exhales: Wait I forgot what I was just going to say. LOL.


Philadelphia-based ceramics studio Centerpeak, founded by Jeff Rubio and Elliot Reynolds, has released the first design in its new collection of smokeware: a terracotta pipe with a glazed interior and matte finish. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Shop Now


Love labels? Who doesn’t. Love getting stoned? Now ya do. Meet your new friend-who-has-a-summer-house-in-Ibiza…Beboe. Dubbed as the Hermes of Hash for its upscale packaging, A-list celebrity clientele and the purest ingredients that take your high to that old money vibe—comfortable and unbothered. (New money gets paranoid). 

The founders—tattoo artist Scott Campbell and fashion executive Clement Kwan, two friends and seasoned smokers—came together with a mutual elevated vision to expand the cannabis industry. The name Beboe was borrowed from Campbell’s grandmother, who lovingly created marijuana brownies for his mother as she battled cancer throughout most of his childhood. 

What sets Beboe apart from the 99% is the approach the brand takes to making hashish chic. The pastilles consist of THC, CBD and cold-water processed indica-blend hash—all 100% organic, vegan, gluten free, sugar-free and dairy-free with no added chemicals. The newest downtime blend offers a slightly herbaceous blueberry taste and is loaded with 10mg of CBD plus a micro-dose of 3mg of THC per piece—perfect for velvety relaxation. Inspired pastilles induce an uplifting and creative high—perfect for laughing at your own jokes.

But our favorites don’t involve any inhaling or consuming at all. It’s their skincare line Beboe Therapies—face masks, serums, and body balms infused with CBD and botanicals. They’re free of parabens, silicone, phthalates, synthetic dyes, THC, animal cruelty, and bad vibes.


Noticing an obvious void in the department of color and creativity in the rolling papers market, the founder of Papers + Ink Studio decided to create 100% organic pure hemp rolling papers with natural arabic gum that are slow burning, unbleached and printed in small batches using vegetable-based food grade colorings. “Times are changing and more and more functional, fashionable, and productive members of society are coming out of the woodwork and openly discussing their consumption,” says Carolyn Chu, founder and CEO. “I was in the fashion industry for a while and we always had to wear all black, but I have always been a color, pattern, print type of person. I noticed rolling papers had been made with little innovation, and I wanted to bring a more fashionable and fun spin to it while not forgoing quality and function. In fact, one of our taglines is, ‘You’re not boring, why should your papers be?’” Taking hits of inspiration from nature, fashion and travel, and designed in-house, licensed or created as collabs with other artists, each pattern and print emits a gust of individuality with each recreational and medicinal toke. Pass that on. Photo courtesy Papers + Ink Studio

“I wanted to create something that celebrated inclusivity and diversity and everyone being unapologetically themselves. So another one of our taglines is, ‘Papers As Unique As You.’” — Carolyn Chu, Papers + Ink Studio Founder + CEO



Picture a beautiful art gallery—but include the munchies. Serra qualifies itself on impressive selections of cannabis tailored for both proficient and novice users. Think sweet local collabs, too, like Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Jacobsen Sea Salt and Woodblock Chocolate. OMFGCO and JHL Design ensured the most euphoric and aesthetically driven “flower picking” experience with detailed botanical walls and pendant lighting by Matthew McCormick—the ideal mood setting for lettuce shopping. (Serra welcomes recreational customers ages 21+ as well as licensed medical patients 18+.) Photo via OMFGCO



Located right on opulent Fifth Avenue, this knowledgeable dispensary carries a tremendous reputation for their superior education on each and every high-quality product. Carrying their own brand MedMen Red along with Luxlyte, the latest addition to their repertoire includes Papa + Barkley’s entire Hemp CBD line—if you’re looking for balms, oils, tinctures or capsules, you’ll find them here. (Contact your local store for their customer requirements. Read their COVID-19 guidelines here.) Photos courtesy MedMen


If you can’t shop high-end in LA, you can still feel like you are, even if you’re just grabbing some bud with your buds. Sweet Flower’s minimalistic layout is both comforting and luxurious, and the same can be said for their expert service they provide to all customers—from old time tokers and the indica-intrigued. Sweet Flower began as a medical collective and has grown to give back to its community by donating to local organizations and nonprofits. Photo via Sweet Flower



From the land of the free and the home of the mountain cabbage emerges an airy and inviting dispensary that delivers top shelf flower varieties and accessories. As you would suspect in the mountains, they have their own grow facility infused with natural sunlight, fresh water and clean mountain air. Giving off a jewelry boutique vibe with its treasured greens encased in glass, it’s the ultimate personal treat before a stroll among the aspens. Photo via Silverpeak

1906 New High’s Precision Edibles: the ultimate high-end edibles for self-care. Happiness, energy, brainpower, relaxation, sleep, and arousal you can swallow (not chew).

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